Alexander A. Popov
PhD, University of Chicago

Principal Economist
European Central Bank
Tel.: +49(0)6913448428

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Under Review


On the Link Between the Volatility and Skewness of Growth

(with Geert Bekaert)

Revision requested by the Economic Journal


Do SMEs Benefit from Unconventional Monetary Policy and How? Micro-Evidence from the Eurozone

(with Annalisa Ferrando and Gregory F. Udell)


The Invisible Hand of the Government: Moral Suasion During the Sovereign Debt Crisis

(with Steven Ongena and Neeltje van Horen)


Credit Market Competition and the Gender Gap: Evidence from Local Labor Markets

(with Sonia Zaharia)


Politics, Banks, and Sovereign Debt: Unholy Trinity or Divine Coincidence?

(with Michael Koetter)


Working Papers


Trade Openness and Consumption Risk

(with Geert Bekaert)

coming soon


Misallocation of Investment in Europe: Debt Overhang, Credit Market Distress, or Weak Demand?

(with Francesca Barbiero and Marcin Wolski)

coming soon


Dirty Bankers

(with Ralph De Haas)

coming soon