Alexander A. Popov
PhD, University of Chicago

Principal Economist
European Central Bank
Tel.: +49(0)6913448428

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Publications in Top Field Journals

House Prices, Home Equity Borrowing, and Entrepreneurship
(with Stefano Corradin)
Review of Financial Studies, 28(8), pp. 2399–2428, August 2015.

Financial Development, Sectoral Reallocation, and Volatility: International Evidence
(with Simone Manganelli)
Journal of International Economics, 96(2), pp. 323–337, July 2015.

Credit Constraints, Equity Market Liberalization, and Growth Rate Asymmetry
Journal of Development Economics, 107(1), pp. 202–214, March 2014.

'When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play': Does Regulation At Home Affect Bank Risk Taking Abroad?
(with Steven Ongena and Gregory F. Udell)
Journal of Financial Economics, 108(3), pp. 727–750, June 2013.

Cross-Border Banking, Credit Access, and the Financial Crisis
(with Gregory F. Udell)
Journal of International Economics, 87(1), pp. 147–161, May 2012.

Publications in Other High-Ranked Journals

Do Credit Shocks Affect Labor Demand? Evidence from Employment and Wages during the Financial Crisis
(with Jorg Rocholl)
Journal of Financial Intermediation, forthcoming.

Waking Up from the American Dream: On the Experience of Young Americans during the Housing Boom of the 2000s
(with Luc Laeven)
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 49(5), pp. 861-895, August 2017 (Lead article).

Gender Bias and Credit Access
(with Steven Ongena)
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 48(8), pp. 1691–1724, December 2016.

A Lost Generation? Education Decisions and Employment Outcomes during the Housing Boom-Bust Cycle of the 2000s
(with Luc Laeven)
American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings, 106(5), pp. 630–635, May 2016.

Exporting Sovereign Stress: Evidence from Syndicated Bank Lending During the Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis
(with Neeltje Van Horen)
Review of Finance, 19(5), pp. 1825–1866, August 2015.

Venture Capital and Industry Structure: Evidence from Local U.S. Markets
Review of Finance, 18(3), pp. 1059–1096, July 2014.

Credit Constraints and Investment in Human Capital: Training Evidence from Emerging Markets
Journal of Financial Intermediation, 23(1), pp. 76–100, January 2014.