Alexander A. Popov
PhD, University of Chicago

Principal Economist
European Central Bank
Tel.: +49(0)6913448428

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Welcome to my personal website!
I am a research economist at the ECB, specializing in finance and growth, empirical banking, and entrepreneurship.
Disclaimer: The material on this website does not represent the views of the ECB or the Eurosystem.


Exporting Sovereign Stress: Evidence from Syndicated Bank Lending During the Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis (with Neeltje Van Horen) has been awarded the Pagano-Zechner Prize for the best non-investment paper in the Review of Finance during 2015.

Gender Bias and Credit Access (with Steven Ongena) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

A Lost Generation? Education Choices and Employment Outcomes during the Housing Boom-Bust Cycle of the 2000s (with Luc Laeven) was published in the American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings.


Coming Up

Seminar scheduled at the London School of Economics, October 4.

Invited presentation at the World Bank Conference on "Finance and Development", November 2-3.

My paper The Invisible Hand of the Government: Moral Suasion During the Sovereign Debt Crisis has been accepted for presentation at the AFA Annual Conference in Chicago, January 5-7.